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Full Stack Software Engineer.

Paul Bill

Paul Bill

"I am a full stack software engineer with a passion for creating clean, accessible and modular software primarily using web based technologies."





StatsBomb are champions of decision-defining sports data, bringing uncompromising accuracy, advice and support to the world’s top sporting organisations.

I have led some of the frontend cross-project initiatives, such as shared libraries for Statsbomb’s suite of products. I have worked on a board range of challenging projects ranging from load-balancing video streams through HaProxy, to creating systems to validate Machine Learning output.


Leamington Spa/Remote


I led the E-commerce Development Team and was responsible for delivering the companies online strategic objectives. As Team Lead I managed direct reports (remote and office-based) over two different timezones. As Scrum Master, I led our daily standups, ran sprint changeover/retrospective meetings and managed key stakeholder expectations. I formed part of the "three amigos" with the BA and Test Lead to ensure code quality and business requirements are met.

As the lead developer on the project, I have introduced a BDD practice across the team and architected many key integrations with third-party systems.

Develo Design


Develo Design - Web Development

Lead developer on some of the company’s larger Magento extensions such as the Productdesignr. I have led the team’s front end strategy, overseeing a company wide transition to create modular, scalable javascript, automating build tasks, and ensuring all sites use a CSS preprocessor.

We provided e-commerce solutions for companies across the UK includingVax,Gtech andWorld Vision.

Blitz Games Studios

Leamington Spa

Blitz Games Studios

Collaborated with a large team of software developers to create a web based user interface for Blitz’s software development kit. I was also responsible for the development and maintenance of the companies support web applications written in PHP frameworks like Laravel and Codeigniter.

Worked on some exciting projects for clients such as Disney, Google and Autodesk.

Birmingham Children's Hospital



The UK Flow MRD Group, funded by Leukaemia Research and based at the Birmingham Children’s Hospital, uses Flow cytometry to identify Minimal Residual Disease in children who are being treated for Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia.

I developed a web application for them that helped them track and record test results.

Warwickshire LEA


Warwickshire LEA

Working in collaboration with local schools within the Warwickshire LEA, I built a content management system for infant and junior schools. The web application allowed teachers can upload examples of pupils work, and create a manage events.

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Paul Bill

Paul Bill

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Paul Bill

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Paul Bill

Paul Bill


Oxford Brookes University

BSc (Hons) Computing & Information Systems

Solihull Sixth Form College

3 A Levels & 1 AS Level